Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to Local Okra!

Hi, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  I have been wanting to do a food photography blog for a long time and I finally have the motivation to do it.  I always thought it would need a theme or have something interesting to say and not just be a bunch of "food porn."  It was Tore who inspired the idea behind Local Okra.  

For the past several years Tore and I have been vegetarians (3 years for me and 6 for him). Well, we actually ate seafood here and there as well, but no meat whatsoever.  We have always tried to cook/eat what's healthy for us and the world in general, but very recently our food philosophy has changed to include local, organic and sustainable meat.  So check back here for recipes, photos, and philosophical rambling.



Jacquelyn Michelle said...

Hooray! Congrats on getting the ball rolling, things look great over here! I'll be stopping by daily to check things out!!

Also, check out Google Analytics to see who your readers are!

Happy Birthday Tore!!! See you guys tonight!

Kristy Moore said...

Hi Kelli. I am so impressed! These pictures are amazing...I love them!! Oh, and the food looks really yummy too! The whole thing is beautiful.

Chris Hassiotis said...

Oh! LOCAL OKRA. I kept seeing the url and thinking, what is Loca Lokra?

Local Okra said...

awww, yay! thanks Kristy! this blog is basically the combination of my two passions: food and photography! i'm glad you enjoy it! check back often for updates!!

chris! you're silly--what the heck is Lokra anyway?